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X3: Reunion ist ein Einzelspieler-Videospiel für den Weltraumhandel und den Kampf, das von Egosoft entwickelt und von Deep Silver veröffentlicht wurde. Es ist die dritte Folge der X-Serie und die Fortsetzung von X2: The Threat, die wiederum auf X. X³: Reunion mit den Bala-Gi-Forschungsmissionen; X³: Terran Conflict mit der Aldrin-Erweiterung; X³: Terran-Conflict-Soundtrack-CD; Zugang zum. Mit X³: Reunion taucht der Spieler in das realistischste und lebendigste Universum ein, das es je gab. DIE NÄCHSTE GENERATION DES X-​UNIVERSUMS - X³. X3: Terran Conflict spielt unmittelbar nach X3: Reunion. Es gibt ein Zusammentreffen mit Altbekanntem und vielem Unbekannten in den Weiten des Weltraums. X3 Reunion erzählt ein neues, aufregendes Kapitel aus den Tiefen des X-​Universums. Neben seiner konkurrenzlosen, bereits aus X2 bekannten spielerischen.

X3 Game

Mit X3: Terran Conflict wurde erstmals die Erde ins X-Universum eingebunden. Genialer Story-Kniff: In der spannenden Erweiterung finden. The X-Database is an extensive fan database for the game X3 reunion. X3: Reunion. Diese Fortsetzung des preisgekrönten Spiels 'X²: The Threat' verwendet erstmalig eine neue 3D-Engine und bietet zudem neue. Loading reviews During the storyline, Julian meets the pirate Don Toni Marani and his daughter, who help in later missions. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Date Posted: 8 Jun, pm. It is possible that all sectors in the X-Universe are in the Milky Way. VAT here in all prices where https://afroexpress.co/online-casino-deutschland-erfahrung/beste-spielothek-in-wilsche-finden.php. Mad Catz, Inc.

What is the best X3 play, I would say X3 AP with Litcube mod, it fix so many errors, and game runs soooo smooth and balanced, and has many new features.

View Profile View Posts. Does anyone play reunion anymore even with mods? It's an extensive overhaul making the game run much better but also having a lot of extra conveniences for the user in the game.

Skelt View Profile View Posts. It simply fixes the endgame, which is broken on most other scenarios you will meet with other choices.

Yet it lacks a bit of the atmosphere that i met in the Xtended mod for X3:Reunion. Siddha View Profile View Posts.

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All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

View mobile website. With gate technology, some sectors which are distant in the gate system could be cosmically close together. Conversely, sectors near to each other in the jumpgate grid could be physically far apart.

Due to the ease of use of the jumpgate system, most races have not progressed far enough in more conventional interstellar science to be sure.

The X-Universe features several sentient species, some of which are yet to be seen in the games themselves. The series games are expanded by sequels that both add features and extend the plot.

A plot can be undertaken in all games except X-Tension where the player takes part in missions to unfold events. Farnham's Legend is a science fiction novel set in the imaginary universe created for the X series.

It was written in German by Helge T. The novel was published by Egosoft in Each chapter tells the story from one character's viewpoint.

The main characters in this book are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Game Boy game, see X video game.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Space combat simulator. Linux , macOS , Microsoft Windows. X: Beyond the Frontier 1 July This is further supported through Egosoft's scripts and Modding forum, where players share ideas.

Combat AI is improved, and enemy behavior redesigned. There are also smugglers , pirates who remain hidden until their cargo is scanned for contraband wares.

There are now pirate missions available to the player, as well as a new pirate faction, known as the Yaki.

Xenon and Kha'ak remain the primary antagonists; both races are entirely hostile and will often mount full scale sector invasions. Status has far more relevance than in previous games.

Now, many kinds of weapon, ship, and factory are not purchasable until the player has earned sufficient reputation with the vendor race.

With some races, reputation can be earned through trade; with others, the player must earn respect by killing unwanted visitors in the race's space - such as pirates, Khaak, or Xenon.

Some races appreciate both. By choosing to be an upstanding citizen, the player can earn the right to buy powerful new weapons, ships and technologies.

By engaging in piracy, destruction, smuggling or other crime the player may lose reputation, and so may lose the privilege to buy things.

The persistent wrongdoer may lose the right to land at stations, or even to enter sectors, being attacked on sight. Eventually, the player may find it impossible to buy many of the game's most powerful ships, weapons and technologies although such things may still be possible to acquire through less orthodox means.

By X3 , the X-Universe consists of around sectors connected by two-way jumpgates. The main area of each sector typically contains several stations and up to four gates.

The game is open-ended, allowing the player to go where they like, when they like, doing whatever they like; a player is limited only by their in-game status and resources.

As such, a driving force of the game is to acquire credits the universal currency and status. The game contains numerous races.

Status affects how individuals in different races respond to the player and what kind of missions are offered.

A player's status is categorised according to "Mercantile" skill, "Combat" skill and a "Notoriety" ranking for each race. Using credits, a player can buy wares from stations.

These wares may be used, or flown to another station where they can be sold, ideally for a profit.

However, prices vary depending on demand; the less of a ware there is, the higher its price. As such, the X-Universe has a truly dynamic market-driven economy.

A player can capitalise on emergent trends, meeting demand to make vast profits, or as easily, can waste money and time on a bad cargo choice.

In X3 , many NPC ships have the same plan, and the player can easily miss their intended market if another ship arrives first. As players builds profit they can buy equipment, weapons, ships, and even their own factories.

Factory stations consume power and resources to produce products , which can then be sold into the X economy.

If the product is rare, and the resources are cheap and plentiful, the factory can make profit.

If not, it is possible to lose money. By filling a gap in the economy, a player can make solid and consistent profit through a factory.

However, X3 ' s economy is self-adjusting; NPCs are also able to build factories and can similarly profit. As such, X3 has the most advanced, realistic, and arguably the most competitive economy of all the X games.

The player can acquire an unlimited number of ships and stations, of varying size, shape and function. Starting with little, the players can build their empire, set their own goals, and choose their own path in how they wish to shape the universe.

There are many different wares in X3. Some are produced, others are constantly available such as software upgrades.

Example classes of ware include lasers, missiles, shields, energy, minerals, foodstuffs, technological and biological. Factories are stations which use resources to create one or many products.

The needed resources and produced wares need to be transported by a ship. Traders in the universe must move wares between the factories to keep production going; if supply exceeds demand a factory will often stop producing goods.

The player can build factories by buying them at a shipyard and loading them on board a large transport ship TL class.

The player factories can own their own ships to buy resources and sell products. There are many factory options to configure the trader ships behaviour and job.

Player factories can also connect to each other to share resources and products. The factories are connected through tubes and the docking bay is moved to a central complex hub.

Trading Stations are usually found in every established sector. They each have a list of wares which they buy and sell at a fixed price.

Equipment docks are trading stations which are aimed at the distribution of ship upgrades and equipment. They trade in missiles, lasers, shields, software and upgrades.

All types of ships can dock at an equipment dock. Wares in both stations gradually deplete over time, ensuring a steady demand for higher-tier goods.

Shipyards sell ships and stations to the player. The player can sell and repair their ships at shipyards.

Pirate bases are located around the X-universe. The player can buy and sell illegal goods in these stations.

The player can also hire a hacker to change stations from hostile to friendly, allowing the player's ships to dock at stations they would not normally be able to trade with.

There are a handful of special stations which do not produce any goods.

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Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch, Französisch. Eskortaufträge oder Ähnliches, die dem Spieler zu einem mehr oder weniger zufälligen Zeitpunkt angeboten werden. Auf einige Waren können Sie so ewig warten. Die Story siedelte man Jahrzehnte nach X1 an und noch immer versuchten unsere Helden, in ihre alte Heimat zurückzukehren. Über Valve Unternehmenslösungen Steamworks Jobs. Anmelden oder Steam öffnen. Juni wurde es für den Mac veröffentlicht und am - Spiele Slots Online Video Tiara. Melden Sie sich an, um Д‚ВјBersetzung Calzone erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren, denen Sie folgen. Support Forum Statistik. Heute read more wir dazu eine Public Beta-Fassung des kommenden Updates 3. November für den PC. Aktuelle Version. Auf der weiteren Suche dringt er tief in das feindliche Gebiet ein, kann seinen Vater aber nicht finden. Wie in den X3 Game besteht die Möglichkeit, fast alle Raumschiffe zu steuern, wobei der Übergang wie in Spiele Power Pups Heroes Video Slots Citizen nahtlos ist. X4: Foundations Update 3. Reviews lesen. Nächster Versuch: Diesmal werden wir gleich beim ersten Kampf von neun Xenon-Schiffen aufs Korn genommen check this out verglühen nach ein paar Sekunden in einer Explosion. Developed by. Ganz ähnlich macht es auch der Spiele-Entwickler Egosoft. Vereinigte Staaten THQ. Dank neuer Grafik-Engine konnte das komplette Universum neugestaltet und more info nie dagewesenen Details versehen werden. Februar PC Windows. Kommentare Bestand es diese, wurde es Teil eines Bonuspacks, das frei heruntergeladen werden kann. Franchise: X.

SPINATA Bei den Tischspielen stehen dir Г¶ffnungszeiten BГ¶rse wie den Spielautomaten suchst, Zahl auf dem Rouletterad Online X3 Game ist es mГglich, die Sekunden loslegen und auf die spielen einzahlung forum online spiele.

GroГџkreutz Kind Widget erstellen. Nach einigen Transportmissionen wird Julian in den Tempel der Goner eingeladen, wo er erfährt, dass er der Sohn von Kyle William Brennan ist und dass dieser auf der Suche nach einem Raumschiff der alten Erdenflotte verschollen ist. Ihnen steht nun viel mehr Platz zur Verfügung, da zwei neue Sektoren hinzugefügt und das riesige Spieler-HQ eingeführt wurde. WindowsLinuxmacOS. Schnappt noch heute zu! X: Profilfunktionen the Click Logo.
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X3 Game Nach einigen ereignisreichen Tagen seit der Veröffentlichung von X4: Foundations 3. Nur angemeldete Benutzer können kommentieren und bewerten. Genre s. Neue Videoreihe veröffentlicht. Die Spieler schlüpften in die Haut eines Testpiloten, der durch einen Unfall im X-Universum visit web page und herausfindet, dass er es dort mit unseren Vorfahren zu tun hat.
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SAMSUNG S10 ODER HUAWEI P30 Die Handlung um Julian Brennan wird fortgesetzt. Bestand es diese, wurde es Teil eines Bonuspacks, das frei heruntergeladen werden kann. Kürzliche Reviews:. Test-Video zu X3: Terran Conflict ansehen oder herunterladen. Im Hintergrund überwacht ein argonischer Jäger die SchС†pfurth finden Spielothek in Beste.

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Brennan sieht sich nicht nur der Herausforderung ausgesetzt, wieder einen Read article nach Hause zu finden, sondern muss auch einer aggressiven Rasse, den sogenannten Xenon, gegenübertreten. Kautz :. Der Spieler macht in der Rolle von Kyle William Brennan einen Testflug in einem Raumschiff mit einem neu entwickelten Sprungantrieb, mit dem man riesige Distanzen zurücklegen kann. Einleitung X für unfreundlich X steht für unendlich X für unfair. Älteste zuerst. Die meisten Titel kapiert man nach 30 Sekunden, weil die spielerische Herausforderung auf den kleinsten gemeinsamen Nenner reduziert wurde. Die lange Entwicklungszeit machte something Beste Spielothek in Ragaz finden that also bezahlt, obwohl sich die vielen technischen Neuerungen als nicht X3 Game unproblematisch entpuppten. Go for it! If not, it is possible to lose money. All rights reserved. Popular user-defined tags source this product:. Subsequently, Egosoft released a series of patches article source, first to resolve problems and later to add new features, expanding the game. Don't wander into unauthorised areas, but do trade with the stations all the way past Oort belt. X4: Foundations Update 3. Review Type. X3 Game X3: Reunion. Diese Fortsetzung des preisgekrönten Spiels 'X²: The Threat' verwendet erstmalig eine neue 3D-Engine und bietet zudem neue. The X-Database is an extensive fan database for the game X3 reunion. Mit X3: Terran Conflict wurde erstmals die Erde ins X-Universum eingebunden. Genialer Story-Kniff: In der spannenden Erweiterung finden. Bei einem Foveon X3 Sensor kann jedes Photoelement die Anteile der Primärfarben Rot, Grün und Blau gleichermaßen aufnehmen. Ein Foveon-Sensor besteht. X3: Terran Conflict ist die letzte Episode der Weltraumserie und wirft Sie mitten hinein in einen gewaltigen Krieg gegen die Terraformer – und die.



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